Winter in Løv: your new best friend this winter

05 | 11 | 2018

Temperatures are starting to drop, daylight is getting shorter and your swimsuits and summer dresses are now tidy up to leave room for your coats and comfy socks in your closet… no need to go further, Winter is coming!

We have found the best cure to face winter and we are going to reveal you our secret in detail: slip on your most comfortable loungewear, turn on that new series you’ve been itching to watch, and infuse your favorite herbal tea, Winter in Løv.

No need to thank us, it’s a pleasure!

Winter in Lov

A yummy and spicy organic herbal tea

Winter in Løv marries the smooth flavour of rooibos with intense chocolate notes, deliciously spiced with cinnamon, ginger and a touch of liquorice. One long sip of this organic herbal tea will transport you to the cosy comfort of winter. Take the time to slowly sip it, at any time of day. You’ll be surprised by your newfound love for winter!

Winter in Lov

Ingredients that you will find in our Winter in Løv

All of our ingredients are organic and all our aromas are natural, here is what you will find in our herbal tea Winter in Løv : cacao husk, rosehip, ginger, cinnamon, carob, grilled chicory root, chocolate flavoring, rooibos, liquorice, almond flavoring, cinnamon flavoring.

Winter in Lov

How to taste it?

Infuse only 4-5 minutes in hot water (90°C) and voila! For an even more yummy blend, taste it in Latte version!

Winter in Lov

The final touch

Because we know that you like it when it shines, Winter in Løv’s tin is silvery, now adorned with shimmering snowflakes and constellations, the winter chill will melt away!

If you enjoy our winter flavours, you definitely have to try the Løvely Break and the Løvely Glögg!

Winter in Lov

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