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Transform your life with mindfulness meditation

27 | 06 | 2018

What is mindfulness meditation?

Mindfulness is an attentive state-of-mind that is cultivated through meditation by guiding your attention in a prolonged and specific manner, with intention, into the present moment and without judgement.

In other words, it’s the love story of your life (complete with realism and imagination), inner beauty, heart, body and spirit, and the world.

meditation pleine conscience

Meditation everyday

Just a few minutes of meditation per day allows us to live fully, without being blown around in every direction like a feather in the wind or feeling like you’re constantly on autopilot. Instead, we feel real friendship connections and are kinder to ourselves and others.



Two methods to practice mindfulness meditation:

Formal practice involves the help of guided meditation, for example, Løv Organic’s audio recording created in collaboration with the Mind App and the team over at pleinement conscient.

meditation pleine conscience

In informal practice, we simply choose to be more attentive during our daily activities in order to appreciate and savor the present moment. For instance, while enjoying a cup of herbal tea, focus on the blend’s aroma before infusing it, feel the warmth of the mug or coolness of the glass in your hands. Then while taking the first sip, acknowledge the subtleties of all the different flavors as they unravel, and appreciate the feelings, images or emotions that arise during the experience.

meditation pleine conscience


Practice regularly

By practicing mindfulness formally a few minutes per day and informally multiple times per day, gradually and consistently, it becomes a powerful and peaceful habit. In order to make mindfulness “not just a nice idea” consistency is key, especially in the beginning, for it to spread its roots in your daily habits.


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