When it comes to plants, the more the better

11 | 01 | 2018

2018 is here! Finally time for good resolutions : the Løv team is getting green! At the office, the Løv is Green, our fruits and veggies herbal tea has already been adopted! We have two more words to add: GO GREEN! Some experts have compiled the multiple benefits of having plants at home, plus all the tips you need for a green home.

Whether it’s succulents, prickly cacti, herbs or leafy greens, there are a ton of reasons why you should surround yourself with plants. They not only add a bit of greenery to your wooden shelves, but they are also known for their super powers that can affect your mood and health. The plant world is fascinating, and adding more greenery into our daily lives is good for us and for the environment. It’s time to find your green thumb and get planting. You’ll see soon enough that plants are really cool!

Find serenity


What better way to unwind and let go of your stress than letting your fingers run through the soil, handling it with care, and watering it just right? Gardening is, in some way, a meditation. Your mind is clear and the everyday bustle fades away, making room for silence and serenity. Mega stressed out? Taking care of plants can relax you, and provide satisfaction. Quick tip: we heard that you can help plants grow if you whisper words of encouragement to them.

Improve indoor air quality

You’ve probably already heard someone say, “Don’t put plants in your bedroom because it can make you gasp for air.” What a terrible mistake! It’s time to end that rumor and set the record straight on how plants work. Basically, this is how it goes: the leaves breathe in the carbon dioxide in the air and use it for photosynthesis, a series of chemical reactions that allow the plant to be nourished with light, water and CO2. During this process, the plant releases oxygen, and not carbon dioxide. It’s true that at night the plant reabsorbs a small percentage of oxygen that allows it to burn its own sugars: the source of its energy. Nevertheless, the quantity is insignificant. Therefore, you can safely add some greenery to your home; we even encourage it!

Create a cozy hygge interior

You can find ideas for decorating your interior with plants popping up just about everywhere. It makes you want to redecorate, doesn’t it? Plants look lovely anywhere: a few on bamboo shelves, wicker furniture, a desk, windowsills and in any nooks and crannies in your house. Repot them in terracotta pots to pull the look together. Indoor vines and climbers like ivy, String of Hearts, or succulent String of Pearls are perfect options, whether they are placed on shelves, stairs or windowsills. A cute little cactus, a yucca plant or even the well-known aloe vera will also do the trick! Your relaxing atmosphere coupled with a plant-filled interior will make you feel right at home.

Cure and prevent illnesses

Plants and herbs don’t just look good! They also have very specific healing properties. For example, using parsley in your salad or pesto sauce will allow you to benefit from its antioxidant properties for an extra boost during winter. Herbal tea made with lemon balm leaves have a calming and soothing effect, or borage flowers add flavor your dishes and improve your digestion. Not to mention fruits and vegetables, your health staples in terms of vitamin sources!

Purify your living space

It’s true! Some plants also have the power to purify the air. Aloe Vera, Rubber Plant, Mums and Philodendron are all able to detox your interior, especially in urban areas. These plants absorb air pollution through their leaves and transform the toxic molecules into nutrients, which they store in their cells. At the same time, these plants release water vapor that humidifies the air, making it healthier. Get ready to take a nice deep breath when you open the door to your cozy jungle!

They just make you happy

Try it! Plant a few seeds, cover them with soil, water them, find their sweet spot, repot them, and just wait and see what you feel when the first sprout emerges. It’s so exciting to watch every new branch, leaf, flower and fruit grow! You’ll be so proud of the little plant family you’re raising, which in turn will open your mind to a new, creative and adaptable world. Let’s get growing!

And here we are. Has the idea of surrounding your living space with plants started to sprout? If so, we give it a big (green) thumbs up!

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  • 2918 ? Really ? Great post by the way ! Put some green stuff on our houses is very nice especially when the weather isn’t sunny, that bring light, good mood and wellness inside !

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