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The Løv Organic Team’s Miracle Morning

27 | 03 | 2018

I will wake up early tomorrow, promise

It’s Daylight saving time and warmer days are ahead! It’s the perfect time to revamp your morning routine and make up for the hour less of sleep! We’ve got you covered with the perfect solution to make your morning a miracle morning. “The Miracle Morning” authored by Hal Elrod explains how getting up earlier can contribute to better quality of life.

miracle morning

Planning ahead is key

Specialists provide these 4 guidelines for a smooth time adjustment:

Over the course of several days, start shifting your wake-up time by going to sleep 15 minutes earlier.

Begin eating your meals earlier, little by little.

The day before, get a workout in, have a light dinner, go to sleep earlier than usual in order to prep your body for the change!


Løv Organic’s recipes for a Miracle Morning

For most of us, it’s tough getting up and motivating ourselves to get ready before heading out for the day. So, what’s the secret? It’s right here: do what you love to do! Right after opening your eyes, take some time to do something for yourself. Here at Løv we take 5 to 10 minutes each morning to do an activity that we enjoy. Get inspired with these ideas:

miracle morning


For Kelly, a quick, delicious yet healthy breakfast is a must for a good morning!

Lucky for us, she’s sharing her secret for her favorite breakfast routine.

“I like to make my ‘perfect granola’, starting with coconut milk yogurt as a base, and adding in the (almost) homemade granola by Marlette. It’s sooo good! I cut up a few seasonal fruits like banana or pear, and top it all off with coconut flakes for an exotic touch. A true delight or “délice” as we say in French! I always have a glass of orange juice with breakfast and of course green tea too, either Løvely Morning or Løv is Pure.

Enjoy my recipe that’s quick and easy, healthy and tasty!



Eugénie, the team’s sporty one, kicks her day off with some stretches to naturally wake up her body before breakfast. In the long term, these quick exercises increase flexibility and give your body the energy it needs to have a really good day.

run for Løv

Here is Eugénie’s routine: while lying down in your bed, begin with 5 clockwise ankle circles, and then 5 in the other direction.

Continue laying down, bend your right leg and keep your heel flat on your mattress (your heel should be lined up with your right thigh). Place your right hand on your right knee and rotate your leg clockwise five times and then five times counterclockwise. Repeat on the left side.

Now you can get out of bed and stand up. Try to touch your toes by slowly bending in half so you don’t strain your back. Let your head hang and try to straighten your legs and arms as much as possible. Roll yourself up delicately to stand back up. Next, lift your arms out to either side and bring them up over your head, with your fingers pointing up to stretch yourself out, and arch your back. Repeat these movements five times for a good back stretch. This quick routine will wake up your body and you’ll feel more alert!

miracle morning


Virginie believes that a great day needs to start with 5 – 10 minutes of meditation. She created a quick and easy meditation routine to awaken her mind and body.

Find a quiet area in your home and sit down in the lotus position. Breath in, concentrate on the air going through your nose, then down your windpipe, into your lungs, and into your belly. Slow down your breathing and notice the air’s temperature: cooler when it enters, and warmer when released. When your thoughts start buzzing (they inevitably do), acknowledge them and refocus on your breathing. If it helps, count your breaths in and out. Now you’re calm and rested, ready for a brand-new day! If you would like to take your meditation further, Virginie highly recommends the Mind app!


For Constance, a good morning must have music! Her routine follows the rhythm of her morning playlist, on which there is the perfect beat for waking up, eating breakfast, and taking a shower. She gets to work with a smile on her face, and always has great music recommendations. If you’re on Spotify try these playlists: “Songs to Sing in the Shower”, “Mood Booster”, and “Wake up Happy”!

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