Presenting… Jane Pedersen from Grønt

17 | 11 | 2017

An encounter with the best Scandinavian Chef

This week, we are pleased to share a hot cup of our Løvely Glogg herbal tea with Jane Pedersen, a native of Denmark and the founder of Grønt. She comes from a long line of restaurant professionals. Cooking and gourmet indulgence have always been a natural part of her life. Her challenge at Grønt is to propose a cuisine that best reflects the flavours of the ingredients for a balanced, varied, delicious meal!

But what is Grønt? It is itinerant Scandinavian cuisine. Grønt delivers its delicious food all over Paris on picturesque tricycles. But Grønt also delivers to your home, and can even cater your events!

JANE cuisine

You are probably already familiar with Jane since she provided us with her recipes for Christmas treats! Grab an apron and add a Scandinavian touch to your Christmas celebration!

Hello Jane!

What best characterises Scandinavian cuisine?

It is simple and healthy.


What is your favourite Christmas tradition? 

The “Advents”. These are the four Sundays leading up to Christmas. They are an opportunity to gather with family and friends to prepare Christmas decoration (in a very DIY spirit), cookies and gifts. I absolutely love it!  

What is your favourite recipe for the Christmas season?

Definitely aebelskiver! I have made it a tradition at my house, and my children love it. They are like little ball-shaped waffles that you enjoy with jam and icing sugar. Mmmm! If you would like to make some yourself, get the recipe on the Løv Organic website.



 What will your Christmas tree look like this year?

I don’t have a particular theme… I like to see the “jumble” of decorations that I have collected over the years. Little ones made by my children, elegant ones that I inherited from my grandmother… They are very important to me.

What Løv gifts do you like to give? 

I love the metal boxes of tea and herbal tea blends in every colour. I always get one of each of my favourite flavours – Almond Rooibos, Løvely Glögg, Citronella-Blackberry Rooibos and Løv is Zen – so that my family can take their pick!


Thank you, Jane, for this delicious interview!

Gront traiteur scandinave


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