Camilla Nordkraft

Presenting … Camilla Schousboe De Nordkraft

17 | 11 | 2017

Hygge & Danish design : A meeting with Nordkraft

We had the immense pleasure of speaking with Camilla, the founder of Nordkraft. Camilla is passionate about three “D’s”. The first, of course, is her native country, Denmark and its “hygge” lifestyle. The second? Design: she was born into it. And the third? Digital technology. So it’s quite natural that she created Nordkraft, the first online concept store dedicated to the Danish art of living! From furniture to clothing to posters to bikes, it provides everything you need to discover the Danish style. You can also discover Nordkraft at its pretty showroom on rue Lucien Sampaix in the 10th arrondissement of Paris.

Would you like to add a little touch of Danish flair to your life? Camilla will tell you just how to do that.

Hello Camilla!

What does Christmas evoke to you?

A great deal of hygge, gathering with friends and family, conviviality… Plenty of candles all over the house and a feast of delicious food!  But it’s also a beautiful Christmas tree with bright strings of lights and the comforting fragrance of Glögg prepared by my dad… Can’t wait!

Hygge Nordkraft Lov

Hygge, the “life philosophy” that calls for conviviality and sharing, is very popular these days. What does hygge represent for you?

The fact of enjoying a moment of well-being surrounded by beautiful things, good friends and family… It’s a time for feeling comfortable and enjoying their company. Hygge is a state of mind where you can feel happiness spreading through you… And of course, you can’t have hygge without candles!

hygge design danois

Are there any gift ideas you can recommend at Nordkraft?

Let’s see… You might consider the simple, graphic “Playtype” poster. Or the streamlined wooden candle holder, “String”. Or a pretty, colourful tray from Ferm Living. Oh, and of course the beautiful oak sculptures of birds! Gifts like these are sure to please.

Idée cadeau design danois hygge

Oiseaux Nordkraft

idée cadeau design danois

What are the upcoming projects for Nordkraft?

We are going to further develop “Nordkraft Interiors”. This is a consulting service where an interior architect offers decoration and layout guidance at the client’s home. We would like to bring a “Danish touch” and a hygge spirit into our client’s homes.  

And if you would like to learn more about this project, have a look at our website:



What are your favourites at Løv?

I am an absolute fan of almond rooibos and Green Tea with Rose 

Thank you, Camilla, for this very “hygge” interview!



Discover the world of Scandinavian winters and check out our new Christmas herbal tea, Løvely Glögg, here:

hygge glogg


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