recette chai latte

Chai Latte recipe

11 | 10 | 2018

Have you heard about Chai Latte? It is the best comforting, delicious and yummy drink of all times! Our organic blend Sweet Chai is perfect to create your homemade Chaï Latte. But what is a Chai Latte in the first place?

chai latte recipe

Let’s take you on a tour

The Chai Latte is THE unavoidable Indian drink known for its invigorating virtues.

To make a great Chai Latte, you have to use our organic and warming Sweet Chai Løv Organic blend which will take you on a tour of three continents: South Africa, with its iconic rooibos, Argentina, with its traditional maté, and of course India, with its irresistible array of spices. Aniseed, fennel, ginger and cardamom come together in an intense, intoxicating combination that perfectly complements the roundness of the rooibos and freshness of the mate.

Do you feel the exoticism yet?


Recipe of Chai Latte

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How to make a Chai Latte?

Follow the recipe in video!


– 2 tsp of our delicious Sweet Chai blend

– 1L of water

– 1 tsp of honey

– 10cl of milk

– A pinch of cinnamon



Really easy: infuse 2 tsp of our organic Sweet Chai blend in your Løvely Teapot for 5 minutes.


When your infusion is ready, pour some of it into a cup taking care to leave room for the milk.


For the gourmets, ad 1 tsp of honey.


Before adding the milk, whisk it until it looks smooth. Finally comes our favorite moment when milk meets infused water and creates a mystical cloud in your cup!

Recipe of Chai Latte


The final touch for a 100% Instagramable cup: sprinkle cinnamon on your cup.


Make yourself comfortable in your sofa, turn on your favorite playlist, enjoy all the different flavors mixing in your mouth and let yourself dream about your next journey in exotic countries.



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