27 | 02 | 2018

We had a get-together with Løv fans in Paris for the launch of our newest herbal tea, Løv is Green, where we enjoyed 3 green DIY projects that you can try too!

Project 1 : Make your own terrarium


A glass terrarium

1 small plant, such as a ficus

Potting soil

A large glass of water

3 large handfuls of volcanic lava rock

For decorating (optional):

Decorative sand in color(s) of choice (i.e. pink, blue, white, etc.)

A handful of pebbles or small stones


Step 1: Create the base for the terrarium

Create the first layer by placing the volcanic lava rock at the bottom of your glass terrarium, up to about a 1-inch (2-3 cm) layer.

Step 2: Pour some potting soil into the center. Then, add a few handfuls of sand to the sides while turning the terrarium. Repeat 2 times to create layers.

Step 3: Add a 1-inch layer of potting soil. With your finger, dig a hole for your small plant.

Last step: Add a little more soil in order to cover your plant’s roots. Moisten the soil with one glass of water, then add the moss and decorations if you wish.

Close your terrarium, and be proud of the ecosystem you created for your plant!

Project 2 : An easy way to repot plants!

How to repot plants à la Løv Organic:


A plant

Potting soil

A glass of water

Clay pebbles

An empty Løv Organic tin

Open the empty Løv Organic tin and pour some clay pebbles into the bottom. The pebbles absorb any extra moisture and keep the plant’s roots from rotting.

Pull your plant out of its plastic pot and remove the extra soil from the roots in order to allow them to breathe.

Pour some potting soil into the Løv tin, leaving some space in the middle for your plant. Place your plant in the middle and pack it into place to even out the soil.

Water the soil and voilà you have a beautiful new plant!


Project 3 : Give your interior a breath of fresh air with suspended plants!


A wooden frame, or make your own by nailing together 4 pieces of wood


Thick rope

An empty Løv Organic tin


A small plant such as a cactus, Pilea Peperomioides, vine or climber

Let’s start by drilling a hole in the middle of the top of the frame. The rope from your macramé plant holder will go through the hole and will be fastened by a knot at the top.

Now, here’s how to macramé your plant holder. Cut 8 long pieces of rope. Fold each piece in half, and make groups of 2 pieces of rope like in the picture below. Now we have 4 groups of 2 pieces of rope that are folded in half.

© Andréa Rolland – La Délicate Parenthèse

Pull the folded end of each group, one group at a time, through the hole in the wooden frame. Once the group is through the hole, secure it with masking tape before starting on a new group. For the last group, you can use a pointed tool such as an awl to help it through.

Separate the rope into 4 groups of 4 cords each. Knot each group at the same height.

At each knot, split the group of 2 strands in order to get 2 separate stands. Knot one strand with another strand that came from the next knot, and repeat as many times as you wish. The more you knot, the longer your plant holder will be. Once you’ve decided your macramé is the perfect length, place your pot inside and create a large knot under it using all of the rope strands. Cut off the extra rope and you’re all set!

Inspiration macramé plant hangers:


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